Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Your E-commerce Store in 2023

Nowadays, everyone is inaugurating into the erratic oceans of successful e-commerce store. Many complexities laying ahead for creating a mess and you will try to implement many solutions at once. But remember that, in the beginning, the junction of too many things can lead your business to a fatal. So, it is attention seeking thing that you should plan the strategies and tackle with the happenings.  

Imagine a site which is so lethargic, and it feels like you are walking through mud. Obviously, that is not the experience you want for your customers! To steer these issues successfully, you need the right tools in your arsenal to keep your e-commerce store afloat and thriving. 

Do not worry, here tools are standing for the WordPress plugins that can add value to your e-commerce store and make your presence more visible in digital world. These plugins are not just a lifeline; they are the wind in your voyages, driving your e-commerce journey to success.  

10 WordPress Plugins for E-commerce Store 

WordPress stands out as the paramount choice among e-commerce entrepreneurs because of its worldwide popularity. Among these diversities of WordPress, the embedment of potent e-commerce plugins can impart great benefits to end users. Without any hitch, these plugins do serve as priceless asset for your e-commerce WordPress site. That is why we have brought these plugins to end your effort of searching for them on different platforms. Let us start telling their brief introduction and features to you. 

1.Wordfence security 

Wordfence Security is an imperative asset for any e-commerce store operating on the WordPress platform. Its multifaceted security features serve as a protective shield, securing the website against an array of cyber threats. Through its security system protection, the plugin acts as a gatekeeper, preventing your site though unauthorised access and thwarting hacking attempts. 

This proactive defence system is extended with a robust malware scanner that continuously monitors the website, rapidly detecting and removing any suspicious code or potential vulnerabilities. Notably, Word fence’s emphasis on login security, including two-factor authentication and brute force attack prevention, fortifies the site’s backend, ensuring a secure administrative environment.  

Plugin Features 

  • Firewall protection 
  • Integrated with real-time scanning signatures 
  • Provides you with the IP address blocklist 
  • Supports premiums 
  • Includes log in security 
  • Notify in time for potential security issues 
  • Offers live traffic view 


Web caching involves the retention of data, like web pages or images, for later use. When a user first accesses a page, this data gets cached or stored. Upon subsequent requests, the cache serves the stored copy, sparing the need to download the data from the original server again. 

A cache plugin streamlines the process for returning visitors, enabling swift access to your website’s content by bypassing the complex steps of generating pages. It efficiently stores data, expedites future requests, and alleviates the load on the original server. 

Plugin Features 

  • Generates the static HTML web pages 
  • Minimises the server load 
  • Optimisation of images 
  • Supports CDNS 
  • Automation of cache page generation 
  • Allows addition and subtraction of CSS and JS files 
  • Allows code enlargements 

3.WP Simple Pay 

When it comes to pay online by giving their credits details make them feel whether they should trust our credible resources or not. Which ensures that you should pay heed to the payment methodology in online stores. But the question that might pop into your mind is how to make your payments and customers confidential information more secure with basic tools. 

WP simple pay is the one-time solution for resolving this problem on your WordPress site. It is a simple plugin, which has an easy-to-use buy button in your online store. Apart from this, it is compatible for selling individual products and collecting the payments. Apparently, it has built-in supports for the Apple pay, Google pay, credit card and more. 

Plugin Features 

  • Supports multiple languages 
  • Supports multiple online payment methods 
  • Easy to use for collecting payments 
  • Drag-and-drop payment form builder 
  • Customised fields 
  • Accepts instalments, trail periods, coupons, subscriptions, etc. 


4.Easy Digital Downloads 

Easy Digital Downloads is a well-known WordPress plugin which has unleashed in digital marketing for creating and managing digital product stores. Unlike traditional e-commerce plugins, it focuses on providing a streamlined platform for selling digital downloads such as software, eBooks, music, videos, themes, plugins, and other digital content. 

Moreover, its plug-and-play functionality, seamless integration with existing tools, and the wealth of resources available within its active user and developer community make Easy Digital Downloads a top choice, further enriched by its educational blog content, empowering users to optimize their e-commerce experience. 

Plugin Features 

  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Seamless management of digital products 
  • Allows various purchasing options 
  • Manages the file downloading security 
  • Provide you with detailed e-commerce reports 
  • Demonstrates the insights of sales and revenue performance 
  • Assists in branding guidelines                                                                                                                                                   

5.Rank Math 

Before we start, did you know: “Google will only love you when everyone else loves you first.” Which means, first become recognisable in the sight of end users then use the technical tactics for recognition on Google. Thence, you need to implement SEO after providing quality content on your online platforms. Here you should think twice what will work for your SEO strategies. 

As the digital market has already introduced the number of SEO tools or plugins for WordPress site. But in the present competition, Rank Math is becoming more popular plugin with the bundle of powerful and unchallenging features. Is not it amazing for you to use the plugin which allows you to add meta titles, meta descriptions, generate XML sitemaps, categorisation of pages, open graph for metadata and much more. 

Plugin Features 

  • Optimises the product and category pages 
  • Supports advance schema markup 
  • Displays e-commerce’s rich snippets 
  • Manages the redirects 
  • Handles the broken links 
  • Optimises local SEO 
  • Keyword rank tracking 


Email marketing is known as the traditional methodology of marketing. But it has also moulded its features with time. You cannot say that digital marketing is enough to you for generating revenues or profits. You do need the email marketing. But here, the main point is, if you are running an online e-commerce WordPress site then how you can interlink it to your emails. 

For that reason, the WordPress have unleashed an empowering plugin named Mailchimp. If you have heard it for this first time, do not worry as it is completely fine. In actuality, you connect your website to Mailchimp account. Tremendously, it assists you in attracting the email subscribers. In addition to this, it allows you to create the impressive and engaging email newsletters. 

With the contact form 7, you can create an emphasising looks of your forms. If your WordPress site is not an e-commerce podium, then this plugin can convert it into one. On the contrary, no one will regret that how it supports the easy digital downloads. 

Plugin Features 

  • Allow apps & integrations 
  • Creates Sign up forms 
  • Addition of User Sync 
  • Instant email notifications 
  • Modify visuals with style builder 
  • Saves data in local databases 
  • Features List activity for kye insights 

7.Retainful Abandoned Cart Recovery 

Do you know there is a study by Baymard in which he stated that: “nearly 70% people abandons their cart without any completion of purchasing”. In digital terms of e-commerce website, it is well known as the abandoned carts. Undoubtedly, when one problem arises, number of solutions come along with it. Then how could we leave our online retailers lonely in this problem. There are many plugins that is designed for cart recovery. 

But, from the deep research we have brought the retaintful abandoned cart recovery plugin for your WordPress e-commerce store. It is one of the best plugins for regenerating your higher revenues. In addition, you will see a massive raise in the engagement of your loyal customers. Apparently, this plugin has a feature of automatically sending of emails to bring the customers back to your e-commerce store. 

It assists in reducing the rate of abandoned carts, increasing the sales, and maintaining the brand’s reputation. In addition, if your customer still does not purchase the items in cart then still it benefits you in knowing the reason behind non-purchasing. Overall, if you want to have plugin that fits-in-all-sizes, then opt for retainful. 

Plugin Features 

  • Automated Email Campaigns 
  • One clicks recovery links 
  • Off-the-shelf templates 
  • Personalisation of discounts & coupons 
  • Dynamic contingent triggers 
  • Multiplex language’s support 
  • Maintains the data secrecy 

8.WP Points & Reward Plugin 

People do ask for loyalty or just showcase that they are loyal to their business, quality, and customers. But it all fades away when it is only in their words but not in their actions. Remember that: “Loyalty is a continuous phenomenon; you don’t score points for past actions.” For enchanting your reputation in customer’s sight, we have brought the Points and Rewards which is the website plugin. 

It guarantees loyalty points to your customers and enables them to convert super cash to points. Get access to features like daily login points, rewards on birthdays, points log reports, membership benefits, and more. Our reward plugin helps them to create a Point-based loyalty program to reward customers, which involves earning and redeeming store credits as points. 

Plugin Features 

  • Entrust reward points for products 
  • Provide user levels and badges 
  • Can do purchasing by using points 
  • Elevate gamifies to your website 
  • Incorporated API settings 
  • Added point expiration 
  • Points on prior orders 

9.WP Form  

In the ocean of creativity, it has become more challenging to find out the best compatibility for your e-commerce store. Here we have come with another plugin named WP Form. As if you are into the quality, then it is the best form for your website with the bunch of benefits. Before you question its working, let us tell you it can strongly assists you in building a worthwhile community for your site. 

In addition to this, you can use it for creating the contact, survey, or many more forms. Astonishingly, the users will feel it easy as pie to submit their queries or questions via your contact form. Is not its attention grabbing for you that it has feature of automatic adjustment according to user’s device layout. Likewise, whether they are using the form on laptop or mobile phone, it will adjust itself along with the layout of WordPress easily. 

Moreover, you should not take too much time in making the decision about this plugin. With this plugin you can manage the conversations on the front-end. If we talk about the speed optimisation, then it will never let down you in making excellent patron’s experience with its lightweight and high responsiveness. Enjoy the embedment of instant notification pop-ups to reach back to your users in time. 

Plugin Features 

  • Anti-spam Protection 
  • Builder for drag & drop contact 
  • Create Surveys & Polls 
  • Integrates File Uploads 
  • Instant Form Notification 
  • Built-in Integrations for WordPress Editors 
  • 1200+ WP Form Templates 


Nowadays, it became hectic to manage the number of calls and texts at higher level. But it does not mean you will stick to the problems only. Have you not heard of it: “Problems themselves come along with the solutions.” You just need to Interprint it in time. Coming back to the point, live chat is ideal solution for handling the customer queries. As it provides them with the live support system that respond quickly. 

Without any hitch, everyone will agree that it enchants the personalisation of livechat more than email chatting campaigns and phone conversations. Apart from this, your online e-commerce store should integrate a LiveChat plugin that will make you more confident in communicating with others. Before you tackle with the number of thoughts about livechat plugin. Let us tell you that it is simple and unchallenging to implement. 

Once you opt for it, be back on this the livechat has agreements with many significant programs of e-commerce. As well as you will notice that how pleasantly a chat window pop-up at the bottom of your site’s page on the end user’s side. In addition, the little box is easily visible and accessible 24/7. Finally yet importantly, it can generate auto-responses to save your and your visitor’s time. 

Plugin Features 

  • Personalisation 
  • Ratings 
  • Automate response 
  • Upload the file 
  • Multilingual capability 
  • Rankings 
  • Comprehensive reports 

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