The Dos and Don’ts of Effective Influencer Marketing

When you opt for marketing campaigns, you should get prepared for accepting the prosperity as well as risks that will come along with them. Do not be afraid as “Making mistakes is an inevitable part of the human experience. We all make them. It is how you learn and grow from those mistakes that matters.” Whether you run paid campaigns or hire an influencer, you must show patience to earn the engagement and user’s trust. 

Apart from everything, there is a survey which is enough to engage your focus on influencer marketing. According to a survey on influencer engagement marketing: “The Australian influencer marketing has the market size of 16.4 billion dollars in the year of 2022. While it will raise up to 29% which is 21.1 billion dollars in 2023.” 

Whether you are confident in your brand or not, you need to implement the modern tactics of marketing. For that, Influencer marketing is the horse that will run long races for achieving the big titles for your brand. Without a hitch, you need to pick out the right rider (the potent influencer) for your marketing. For example, you can reach out the top influencers like Dacre Montgomery, Lily Maymac, and Liam Ferrari. 

Emphasise These Dos & Do not for Influencer Engagement 

Apparently, influencer outreach is the ponderous way to drive your strategic campaigns. None of the brands can deny the reach and effect of influencers on the marketing. Before you directly start to approach the influencers, you should wait and think for a while. As it is mandatory to weigh the pros and cons of everything that is going to be part of your business. We have minimised your efforts of search and brought these points to keep in mind before opting for the influencer marketing. Let us break down them: 


Bring light to Your Aim 

Setting goals is like aiming for the bullseye in a game of darts—except here, as influencer marketing is hitting targets that boost success, not just a fancy board! Defining your business aims can increase brand awareness, engender sales, erect brands-customer loyalty. Ensure that your core message aligns with your business’s products or services. Share it with the influencers you have hired for your brand’s promotion. 

Give the Nod to Right Platform 

If you will take your business seriously, then it will also impact others positively. Regarding influencer marketing, it is momentous to elect the right platform for influencing. Here, the primary question is how to pick the right platform. In the first place, the customers are closely related to your platform selection. For example, where they spent time? what kind of posts they are liking or disliking? and how they are using distinct platforms? 

Once you know your audience, it is time to choose the relevant platform. In the event that, Instagram is leading in aesthetical social proofs while Facebook is best for the paid intensification. On the contrary, enlist YouTube for long-term content and storytelling’s. If your targeted audience belongs to the GenZ group, then TikTok is in the line. LinkedIn is awaiting in the list for promoting the products or services in B2B societies. 

Enquire the Perfect Influencers 

Before you become a part of the influencer marketing campaigns, you need to perform a thorough research on finding the right influencer. Ensure that the person who will be the voice of your brand is the best fit for it. It is so, you have often seen that the number of influencers tend to focus on niche specific industries they emphasise their content on. 

As we all know that: “True influence is about leveraging authenticity.” Do not count it in just by seeing the number of their following. You should opt for the influencer, who is an active user of social media platforms. They should be aware of what they are posting and how people are responding to these posts. Do not invest for the influencers who are lacking in generating the actions. 

Quantify the Outcomes 

Count “All in vain” if you do not know what the progress of your influencer marketing is. As you are investing in something which means you should keep an eye on all aspects to know they reach and results. Do not let your fear overwhelm you by thinking of how to quantify the performances. Because influencer marketing gives the privilege of multiple solutions. 

Evidently, there are umpteen ways to measure the success rate of brand’s awareness, traffic, sales leads, followers, freebies, etc. Again, it is the point which shows the importance of selecting the brand’s aims and objectives. As you can decide your get-go metrics of the performance which includes impressions, influencer engagement, CPM, ROI, reach, and CPC. 


Do not neglect micro-influencers 

If you are into running successful campaigns, then do not overlook the micro-influencers. In this way, you will notice that your investments are worth their weight in gold. Catch the sight of this concept that it is not mandatory to approach the macro-influencers in your startup era. As, micro-influencers are the one who are handling the stronger connections with their audience. 

In addition, they are more detail oriented to target the niche specific groups for generating the authenticity of your brand. But if you are unfamiliar with micro-influencer. Let us tell you about it first. It is a group of people who have between 5000 to 100,000. Unquestionably, they are known as the trustworthy voice for their community. 

Do not Control Social Media Content Creators 

Let us begin with this inspirational foresight of Susan Cooper: “Engage, Enlighten, Encourage, and especially… just be yourself. Social media is a community effort, everyone is an asset.” When you hire a social media content creator, you must give them the opportunity to show their creativity. Everyone is unique in their styling and way of delivering the deliberating thoughts to the end user.  

Do not force them to promote the product or services by completely following your instructions. Instead of this, partner their creativity with your transactional and creative ideas. Because their followers are liking them for their content credibility. 

Do not opt for Volume over Excellence  

The market is already choked-full of the online businesses. Avoid the blunders and give them reasons to speak positively about your brand. The question is how? Right? The answer is pretty unambiguous. It will be great to focus on the quality. As we all are aware of it: “People that aren’t used to quality, always chase quantity.” To be true, it is not a way to deal with the business in the market.   

For example, you are investing hefty amounts on an influencer who has a large following, but not able to enhance the influencer engagement. What will happen? All your efforts, time, and money will be counted as a loss. That is the point where you need the influencers who are engaged to their work and have loyal followers for your brand.


From Reach to Results: Impacts of Influencer Marketing

Have you broadened your research to know what is the latest in marketing tactics? Then you are in the right place, as here you are going to find something amazing. Yes, we are talking about marketing, which is more than just influencing your customers with your brand. 

By enhancing the engagement, credibility, brand recognition, and ROIs (return on investment), you can jump into the competitions with influencer marketing. It is a powerful weapon, which will strengthen your brand’s growth. Do not bother yourself along with tangling thoughts.  

All you need is to approach the right influencer for marketing as many of them have online following for specific niche. Without any objection, their followers trust their expertise and way of delivering convincing content. That is how they impact their followers to make their mind for purchasing your products/ services.

According to a study:

“Approximately 86% of the advertisers use influencer networks to empower their marketing campaigns while 57% states that it enriches the performance of brand-created content.”

Why is it the Need of the Time? 

In the past, you have experienced how brands were working with testimonials and personal endorsements. Undoubtedly, they were not easy to handle as they lead your brand towards inauthenticity and low credibility. So, it is your digital marketing which will assist you in direct and indirect communication with your end users. 

On the contrary, influencer networks are one of the strong mediums in online marketing to generate positive customer reviews for your brand. It is so, the people who are following the influencers already show trust in their words. So, when they review your product professionally and passionately, the end users are more likely to approach you for purchasing.

You might be investing in content marketing already, but collaborating with influencer marketing for small business can be a plus point for your brand. Picture it in your mind, how amazingly your brand can engender higher ROIs when your audience will willingly approach you. 

Impacts of Influencer Marketing on Your Small Business 

Let us start with this saying of Tara — Nicholle Nelson: “You cannot buy engagement. You have to build engagement.” Influencer marketing is not only a need of the time but also significant for engaging people with your brand. Or it is not wrong to say that it is a terrific marketing tactic. 

With time, influencer marketing is evolving in many perspectives. Thence, these changes will affect your business accordingly. If you want to dive deeper into knowing its impacts on your business, then let us kick things off. 

Brands Awareness 

In the present time, recognition matters the most for running the online businesses. As Scott Cook has shared this amazing concept with businesspersons:

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.”

Without any doubt, it can happen along with influencer marketing.   

When you recruit influencers, they help you in enhancing your brand’s visibility with their strong following community on social media. It is so, their followers already trust them so when they promote your products/ services, they are more likely to get engaged to your brand. 

Maximise the Transparency 

It is obvious that everything can never show positive aspects all the time, they do have negative impressions too. Similarly, where people are using influencer marketing for a mesmerising reputation, there are many deceptive practices performed by fake people. It is the point which ensures the need for transparency to win the trust of end users.   

In the influencer industry, customers ask for authenticity of the brand, products, or services from the influencers. To fill this gap, it is mandatory for the online businesses to ensure that they are doing legitimate partnerships with the influences. 

Boost the SEO & ROI (return on investment) 

Whether it is directly or indirectly, it is the influencer marketing which can impact your brand’s SEO and ROI. First, let us tell you about how it boosts the search engine optimisation for your brand. We are both familiar with Google’s ranking criteria. 

Linking plays a significant role in the ranking then why not adapt it? So, if you enlist the influencer marketing into your digital marketing tactics then you can approach the wider range of audience. Which means you are intimating the more chances of building the backlinks. 

You can say that it does not impact the Google ranking, but it can boost the SEO by assisting in brand awareness and driving the organic traffic to your website. On the other hand, influencer marketing for small business can enhance your businesses ROI and profits. For more precision, we have brought a study for you, put a glimpse at it. 

Mediakix have unleashed a study in 2019:

“Nearly 50% of the marketers said that influencer marketing generates the ROI more than any other marketing platform. While 41% have claimed that it generates the ROI equivalent to other platforms.”

Strengthens Knots with Social Media Platforms 

Social media marketing is the ocean which is deeper than your expectations. How strongly it can stand or drown your brand, you cannot even do an estimation of it. If we talk specifically. Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are becoming great sources of getting the attention of the people. On the contrary, when it comes to influencer marketing, you ought to divert your attention to Instagram and TikTok influencer marketing.

There is a survey held in 2022. According to this survey:
“80% of brands stated that they use Instagram for influencer marketing.”

On the other hand, the same survey was held in 2023 for knowing the TikTok popularity in influencer marketing. It was recorded that “56% of the brands use TikTok in their influencer marketing campaigns.”


Challenges in Influencer Marketing for Small Business 

We know that perfection does not exist but at least we can put our efforts into achieving the best possible ranks. In businesses, “The goal is progress not perfection.” Right? Today many brands are getting benefits from influencer marketing and even generating higher ROIs. At the same time, this marketing has brought many risks. It does not mean that you should divert your routes towards other tactics and leave behind this marketing. 

Remember that: “Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing.” Undoubtedly, the large organisations could use influencer marketing to certify their trust among end users. But they might not be good at recommending the paid influencers. On the contrary, the smaller brands might face some distinct challenges to overwhelm the market with their recognition.  

Apparently, it is time to commence our journey of discovery about influencer marketing challenges. Let us tell you three major challenges:

Shortcomings in Campaign Execution 

If you are not compromising on the quality, then why not take note of the shortcomings in your influencer campaign execution. We are saying this because many influencers do not provide satisfying work when it comes to content creation. Undoubtedly, it is a terrifying risk for your brands on social media. 

As it will affect your brand’s reputation but also count as a wastage of time and money if they fail to approach the ideal audience. Pay heed to your marketing happenings, avoid investing for the influencers who lack in delivering your brand’s core message to your end users at the right platform.

Understand Beyond Follower Count 

Marketing is never as easy as you think. It takes time and effort to add value to your business. Specifically, when it is about convincing your audience to buy your products, it becomes more complex to handle. As a businessperson, you might also follow this persona that more followers can lead to more sales. But you cannot say, it is true all the time. 

Because if not done precisely, it can distort the bridge of communication between your brand and audience. Do you know what it signifies here? Without a hitch, it is showing the way of losing the engagement of your brand in the market.  

As long as you are confronting this problem, you need to approach the influencers who can influence the people by their words and deliver the righteous message to the targeted audience for setting the brand image.

Addressing the Dilemma of Fake Influencers 

One of the biggest issues is recognising the fake influencers. As fake influencers are everywhere on social media who are doing frauds with the people as well as with the brands. The selection of authentic influencers is obligatory for the businesspersons. As it will meld your brand’s campaigns and performance in the online marketing. 

In many cases, it has seen that the influencers have fake followers which can impact your ideal audience negatively. Likewise, they will doubt your brand’s authenticity and quality work. What an amazing line it is by Warren Buffett: “Never invest in a business you cannot understand.” That is why you need to do a thorough research before paying anyone for your brand promotion.